Val's Impact Story

A few years ago, I found myself willing (though scared to death!) to mentor a young mom. I wanted to encourage her, pray for her and add value to her life but I didn’t know where to begin! I wasn’t sure what I had to offer and I didn’t know how to start meaningful conversations to jumpstart such an important relationship. I needed a tool in my tool box!

Joy and Patricia's Impact Stories

Along the road of life, there have been women older than me who have brought me under their wings to mentor me. Starting with my own mom first, then being paired with an older woman back when I was in elementary school through the Pioneer Girl program at our church, continuing with my youth leader’s wife where the process has continued to move forward over a span of 30 years or more. And as it has been done to me, there have been younger women who have come into my life where I have come alongside them. Mostly, these are women from church who I have known so it had always been mostly comfortable to share.

Jeannine's Impact Story

To know Jesus through the intimacy of praying in agreement and out loud with another person was a thought that would enter and leave my mind as quickly as the street signs passing by going 60 miles an hour. The idea of praying out loud and in front of people made me feel a little queasy. Will I be judged? Will I offend someone? Will I be putting on a show as I desire to be accepted by those listening instead of being sincere and authentic in my prayers? These questions held me back from completely entering into an obedience that God calls us to.