A Peek At Our Retreat

We had such a wonderful time at our annual MORE Mentoring Team Retreat in the mountains of Colorado from September 21-24! We did a whole lot more praying, planning and strategizing than we did retreating so we may need to come up with a new name for next year. These women are such a gift to the ministry and it is so fun to watch each one serve with her unique gifts, personality and insights. We are truly better together! These pictures will give a glimpse of some of what we experienced during our weekend together. We are so thankful for the great unity we experienced.


Life is hard. It’s messy. I have issues. You have issues. We need each other. We’re made that way – our hearts are designed to connect with others. In life, our journey will have unexpected twists and turns, sometimes that leave us on shaky ground. We can feel stuck, in a rut, and unable to move. And the enemy of our souls wants us there. He especially wants us to feel alone.

But what if we had someone to walk with, someone who is a little further down the path? Someone who has been there and who understands. Someone who loves, listens, encourages and prays. Someone who is unshaken because they know their God and want others to know Him, too.

Kirsten's Impact Story

I'm so excited to introduce you to Kirsten, one of the attendees at our first ever Come Away Retreat on August 26. Be blessed and encouraged as she shares her story of the impact of this retreat in her life.

Since becoming a mother, the biggest change and challenge for me has been how to find the quiet, peaceful time alone that my soul craves. This Come Away Retreat provided that time for me in a huge way! 

Information vs Intimacy

I’m feeling the overload of information this morning. It makes me want to shout TMI!

There is information coming at us from all angles. . .blog posts, advertisements, social media, podcasts, books, etc. You name it. It’s instant and it’s constant. Most of it is easily accessible right from my phone. Can anyone relate? I can’t even count how many times I had to confess this morning of my addiction to my phone. It’s such a distraction and an overload of information.