Jeannine, Minnesota

It took me two years to ask Nancy to be my mentor. Insecure thoughts flooded my mind and Satan reminded me of all the reasons why I wasn't good enough or that my life was too messy for anyone to want to be a part of. I justified that Nancy was too busy and why in the world would I invite someone into my family challenges, exhaustion from raising small children and could I offer anything in return?

Over those two years, the Lord brought Nancy and I together in the most unusual places. I knew that we were supposed to be in each other's lives somehow. I finally gathered enough courage to ask her to be my mentor. My life has not been the same since that day. I have another godly woman with years of experience speaking consistent truth over my marriage, my children and me. 

Our time together is sweet. It is filled with encouragement through shared experiences, Scripture and praying in agreement. The insecurities that built a brick wall since I was a child are crumbling. Being vulnerable and authentic has been extremely healing. I no longer am afraid to share my story and to ask for what I need. My children, marriage and other relationships are benefitting greatly from these powerful changes.

My mentor's friendship, love and prayers have rebuilt a new kind of wall: a spiritual shield wall. I no longer need to approach my life through the posture of fear and insecurity, but of spiritual truth that allows for a much healthier perspective on life, relationships and mothering. I am loved, accepted and cared for by my God and by my mentor regardless of my past experiences and especially during a stage of motherhood that can feel very lonely and self-condemning. God is good. To God be the glory for all those who mentor and have mentored us even if we never named them as such.