Hi friend!

I want you to know that I am a simple, ordinary woman who loves, serves and believes in an extraordinary God. He has called me to start this ministry which really is His ministry. It's been a life-long adventure of preparation, waiting, stepping out in faith and watching God do amazing things.

What I've come to realize more and more is that life comes down to relationships. That's what this ministry is all about. Developing a relationship with God and a relationship with others. I'm so passionate about mentoring because I've experienced it and have heard those powerful words "it's life-changing!"

I have been mentoring moms for over 20 years. I absolutely love it! I’m convinced that mentoring can make all the difference in the world. When I was a young mom, I had other women in my life who encouraged me but I didn't have that one mentor who consistently met with me and prayed with me. It would have meant so much to have someone who was a little further down the road in her mothering tell me I was normal and doing a good job or that most little boys act like that!

My heart is full of compassion for moms with young children. That season, for me, was definitely the hardest. We had four kids in six years so those years are a blur. I loved being a mom but I was also exhausted, sleep-deprived, time-by-myself-deprived and time-with-God-deprived. And that was before we had social media to deal with!

As a ministry, we want to keep mentoring real and simple by loving, listening, encouraging and praying. It doesn't have to be complicated. Our dream is to see more mentoring happen around the world!

To hear a little more about my story, check out my video below!


Nancy Lindgren

The Lindgren Crew

I have known Nancy for over 20 years and it has been a joy to observe her passionate love for the Lord and her deep desire to serve Him. Nancy has a servant heart that is intentional about coming alongside others in love, to encourage, to empower women to be all that God has designed for them to be and to build up their faith to enjoy a closer more personal relationship with their Heavenly Father through the Word and prayer. Her great desire is to mentor with authenticity and she does that well.
— Fern Nichols, Founder of Moms In Prayer International, Mentor of Nancy's
I met Nancy 3 1/2 years ago at MOPS. Nancy’s authenticity, kindness and heart for moms shows through every time I am around her. She is passionate about equipping women to mentor and connecting moms for deeper relationships. She shows me and others the love of Jesus by continually pointing women to Him, sharing her experiences and praying together. Nancy walks in faith and through her love, listening, encouragement and prayers, I have experienced more of Christ. I am forever grateful that Nancy answered the call on her heart years ago to start this ministry for moms seeking MORE.
— Jeannine Mitchell, Mentee of Nancy's