Mentoring Made Real (E-Book)

"I just want real."

When I met with my mentee for the first time and asked what her expectations were for our relationship, she emphatically responded, “I just want real.”

Her words gripped my heart. It was as though she was speaking on behalf of her generation and their craving for authentic, vulnerable, and transparent relationships.

They are lonely and longing for someone who’s a little further down the path to slow up and walk with them, sharing hope, truth, and wisdom. They desire a mentor who allows them to be real and helps them experience the power of authentic connection.

In this book, we will talk openly about:

  • the real concerns and fears of feeling unqualified and unworthy to be in a mentoring relationship

  • the simple yet powerful four pillars of mentoring—love, listen, encourage, pray

  • inspiring stories from mentees and mentors that provide hope and encouragement

  • taking action in pursuing a mentoring relationship or participating in a mentoring movement right where you are

Come join me on this mentoring adventure that might not only change your life, but also transform families, communities, churches, and the world. We were made for this!

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Someone has said, “A message prepared in a mind reaches minds; a message prepared in a heart reaches hearts; but a message prepared in a life reaches and changes lives.” Nancy’s life message of mentoring is expressed loud and clear in this book! I found myself wanting to find a mentor and a mentee for myself and apply all she shared. She makes it simple and attainable with the Lord’s help. I’d encourage every woman to read this book and find someone to mentor!

Angela Temples - Ambassador Program Director

When Nancy writes about authentic relationships and prayer-focused mentoring, it reminds me of the many prayer experiences I’ve had with her—including crawling under a stage to pray for an evangelist as he preached the gospel to a millennial crowd! Younger generations have always been on her heart. Nancy takes the complications and fear out of mentoring by focusing on the powerful simplicity of prayer. As she writes, Nancy shares her life, but she also shares her hope in Jesus. And that’s what every woman needs!

Carol Madison - Author of Prayer That’s Caught and Taught: Mentoring the Next Generation

“Be available to Kim.” Those are the words Nancy felt impressed on her heart by God. She reached out to ask if she could be my mentor and I was overjoyed! Nancy is emboldened with the Spirit and walks out in faithful obedience. When she asked about my expectations, I said, “I just want real.” A relationship that is authentic. And that is what this book is all about: “Mentoring Made Real.” She hears from the Lord. And this book is a product of her wisdom from experience and obedience in that. I’m grateful beyond words to be journeying life with her. You’ll feel equally empowered to do the same after reading this book.

Kim Churness - Mentee

I sat down to read a couple of chapters of Nancy Lindgren’s book, “Mentoring Made Real,” and before I knew it, I was on Chapter 10. Whether a woman is considering becoming a mentor for the first time or is a well-seasoned mentor, Nancy’s encouraging words are transparent and relatable. I had a sense of “I can do this” in the simplicity of the three words: Come. Be. Move. This book is filled with stories of authentic mentoring relationships and practical scriptural insights that give me great hope that “one-on-one, prayer-focused mentoring can change the world.” This is a book I can’t wait to get into the hands of our mentoring teams at our church.

Debi Lydic - Director of Women's Ministry

I have only had the privilege of knowing Nancy for several months, but I can say that in that short time her passion for Jesus, her passion for mentoring, and her passion to see people walk in the fullness for which they were created have inspired me. I am part of a team of ladies using her mentoring guide together, preparing our hearts to lead women one-on-one in our small mountain town start-up church. My prayer is that God will use this book to encourage you to see your potential in starting a ripple effect for the Kingdom of God—you walking alongside another person until she is rooted and grounded in Christ, and then the two of you doing the same for two more, and then the four of you doing the same for four more, etc. I’m eternally grateful that God has crossed my path with Nancy’s.

Sandy Benson

You know a book is impactful when it prompts you to action. Nancy Lindgren’s powerful and persuasive book on prayer-focused mentoring did just that. Her clarion call to reach out and come alongside another woman is delivered gently with words of kindness and simplicity. I read it to review it and ended up emailing a young mother God put on my heart and offering to mentor her. We start in just a few weeks. Instead of fretting over the amount of sadness and loneliness in this world, Nancy helps us do something and teaches us how with examples and encouragement. I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in helping another human being move closer to the God who loves them. I suspect all of us who answer Nancy’s call will be forever changed in the best possible ways.

Sharon Gamble - Founder and Director of Sweet Selah Ministries

Nancy is the real deal. She has a servant heart and is intentional about coming alongside others to love and empower them to be all that God has designed them to be. Her desire is to always see others enjoying a closer, more personal relationship with their Heavenly Father through the Word and prayer. I love our times together of authentic connection with prayer as the foundation of our mentoring relationship.

Fern Nichols - Founder of Moms in Prayer International

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