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Sarah's Story

Being mentored by Nancy truly changed my life! We met because we were neighbors and her daughter was the first babysitter my children ever had. I saw the light of the Holy Spirit in Nancy’s eyes the moment we met. After watching her live her life with such patience and joy, I continued to be drawn to her. I was inspired by seeing her taking walks with her husband and witnessing the fruit of her mothering in her wonderful God-loving children. 

As a young mom with young children, I was mostly struck by the fact that Nancy loved her four children so very much, but she did not WORRY. How did this loving mom have so much PEACE?

Around this time, I was doing a well known Bible study (“Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby) and the biggest thing the Lord was teaching me was to OBEY Him without waiting for things to “make sense” in my human reasoning.

I kept feeling this prompting from the Lord to ask Nancy to be my mentor. I had all my excuses why not to do this. Nancy is probably too busy and she has 4 children of her own to raise! I also thought she is such a godly woman that she must be mentoring several other women. I didn’t want to bother her and at the same time the prompting from the Lord did not cease. I chose to OBEY!

I wrote Nancy a letter sharing with her all the fruit from the Lord I could see in her life and asked her if she would consider mentoring me. I felt nervous wondering if I was asking too much of her. (I’ve since joked with Nancy that I kind of felt the pressure as if I was proposing to her!) I was so surprised and excited when Nancy said YES! She said she was not mentoring anyone else. I was thrilled that I had obeyed the Lord. 

We started out wondering what this mentoring relationship should look like, so we started a Bible study together. This was good, but after taking some walks and talking more together, Nancy was led by the Lord to pray with me each time we were together. She was so loving, encouraging, and the best listener. I felt like I could share intimate things because she did not judge me and I trusted her. 

She always pointed me to God’s Word. I never left my time with her without us praying together. Nancy truly taught me how to PRAY! And prayer is what changes everything!!! She would pray so beautifully, specifically, and expectantly and then be so patient and encourage me to pray.

I learned about the power of praying together in agreement. I loved getting to know Nancy more as she would also share with me how I could pray for her. We would pray each week specifically over our marriages, our children, and many other details and decisions of our lives. There is nothing more bonding than to pray and rejoice together when God so faithfully answers. 

Because Nancy took that one-on-one intentional time with me, I now feel comfortable praying with others. She taught me that one of the best things to do is to have a prayer partner and to pray with other moms. I think of Nancy each Monday morning as women gather in my home and I lead our Moms in Prayer group. I can do this because Nancy taught me how and nurtured my faith and confidence.            

Because Nancy sacrificed her time and energy, I am better equipped to say yes to ministries God is calling me into. I am better able to serve as a BSF leader and now moving into a prayer coordinator role in Women’s Ministries at my church. Even more importantly, she taught me how to be a praying wife and mom and because of that my family, too, is impacted in this life and into eternity!          

Lives are truly changed and efforts are multiplied when you say yes to the Lord!  Because Nancy said yes to being my mentor, I am forever changed and forever grateful. Thank you, dear Nancy! To God be the GLORY!!!