A movement of God starts in the heart of God and is shared with a person or a group of people and spreads from there.

The vision of MORE Mentoring started in God’s heart but was passed on to Nancy Lindgren’s heart and now she is sharing it with others. It’s truly all about Jesus – no other name matters.

This timeline will give you a glimpse of how much prayer and waiting on the Lord for His clear direction, instruction and provision has gone into the formation of MORE Mentoring.

May God get the glory! 

July 1998“I will bring you back to this place (to Colorado).” As I was sitting on a mountaintop above Colorado Springs, the Lord spoke these words to me and I waited 18 years for that promise to be fulfilled.


October 21, 2003 – “The baton of prayer is being passed on to you, Nancy.” I didn’t know fully what that meant but I’m beginning to see that God is raising me up to be a voice in teaching others about the importance and power of prayer.


February 1, 2014 – As I sat down to have my quiet time with Jesus on an unassuming Saturday morning, He showed up. It was like He was sitting right next to me on my couch and told me I was to launch a mentoring movement with a focus on prayer. My Bible was open to Ephesians 3 and the word MORE jumped out at me . . .”Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more ... Eph. 3:20. I remember asking Him questions and He was giving me answers. I wrote about eight pages in my journal as fast as my hand could write. It was a morning I will never forget!


September 2014 – My women’s ministry director at our church looked me in the eyes and said, “Nancy, we have to multiply you.” As I went to the Lord and asked Him what that looked like, He said to me, “I will multiply you and I will bless you.” It began with my own church in Plymouth, Minnesota and it quickly moved by word of mouth to other churches in Iowa, Maine, and Colorado.


January - December 2018"Get your supplies ready." This whole year has been a year of developing, writing, recording, testing, and refining our two online courses for mentors and for ministry leaders.


February 1, 2019 – Here we are, five years after the initial call of the Lord, now on the threshold of God pouring out His lavish blessings all for His glory. I believe that with all my heart! God has also planted my husband and me in a church that is fully supportive and understands the importance of prayer-focused mentoring. This is what my Pastor has to say . . .


In all my years of ministry I have never quite come across anything as dynamic as MORE Mentoring when it comes to the concept of intentionally caring and pouring yourself into someone’s life. Every church and church leader will benefit from not only making this a part of their church but a part of their own life.”

- Nirup Alphonse, Lead Pastor, Lifegate Church, Denver CO


"I planted my feet on the “I will’s” of God’s promises. I believed Him. This wasn’t about me. This was about my Promise Keeper. If He said it, He will do it and that settles it for me."  –Nancy Lindgren


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