Filling you up
to pour into others.


OUR PASSION is for every woman to experience MORE ...


and we do this through PRAYER-FOCUSED MENTORING

Ready to get started?
Our simple tools and resources will help you take the next step. 


The number of women longing
for one-on-one, authentic relationships 
is growing every day.  

This is why mentoring is vital.

So, what's keeping you
from taking the first step?

Fear? Insecurity? Or just not knowing
how or where to start?

We understand ... meet Nancy Lindgren
Founder & CEO of MORE Mentoring

Hello, I'm Nancy

I get it. Mentoring can feel intimidating. But, on the other side of that intimidation and fear is the great influence we can have in the lives of others.
My sincere hope is for mentoring to be a part of every woman's life – so I'm really glad you're here! 
We all need someone who will journey with us – someone who will love, listen, encourage, and pray with us. 
Let's experience MORE together!

What others are saying about MORE Mentoring

"In all my years of ministry I have never quite come across anything as dynamic as MORE Mentoring when it comes to the concept of intentionally caring and pouring yourself into someone’s life. Every church and church leader will benefit from not only making this a part of their church but a part of their own life. "

Nirup Alphonse - Lead Pastor
LifeGate Church - Denver, CO

"Working with Nancy has been such a joy. She has truly given our Mentoring Team the confidence and equipping we needed to get our church’s Mentoring Ministry off the ground. "

Valerie Bantz
Valley Church - West Des Moines, IA

"Nancy’s expertise and years of experience in mentoring bring the vision of mentoring down to very practical and detailed steps of developing a mentoring ministry."

Karen Winn
York Baptist Church - York, ME

"Nancy always pointed me to God’s Word. I never left my time with her without us praying together. Nancy truly taught me how to PRAY! And prayer is what changes everything! Because Nancy said yes to being my mentor, I am forever changed and forever grateful."

Sarah Mitchell (Mentee)

"Mentoring has always been a life-giving and formative part of who I am and has now become an essential piece of how I live life. Being invited on a retreat with the opportunity of mentorship felt like God fanning into flame the call He's placed on my life. After being mentored for years, I feel equipped to step into the role of mentoring others after Nancy's support and encouragement!"

Taryn Fuchs (Mentee)

"I've mentored informally for years and I have truly never ever seen a better book on the subject. Nancy doesn't just "talk" about the value of mentoring in this book, she gives you the practical tools to DO it."

Sharon Gamble, Founder & Director
Sweet Selah Ministries - www.sweetselah.org

"Utilizing resources and training videos provided in the Ministry Leaders Toolkit, our church established a mentoring ministry with clear vision and purpose. Prayer-focused mentoring has powerful church-wide benefits—uniting generations, strengthening marriages and families, and encouraging women with joy and hope as they experience the heart of Jesus together. "

Deb Yang
Bear Valley Church, Lakewood, CO

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