Our Story

Founder, Nancy Lindgren

It began in my own heart when I was a young mom. We had four children in six years so those years are a blur. I loved being a mom but I was also exhausted, sleep-deprived, time-by-myself-deprived and time-with-God-deprived.

It was definitely a difficult season and while there were encouraging women in my life, I would have loved to have had a mentor ... someone who would consistently meet with me, listen, encourage, and pray with me – someone just a little further down the road willing to journey alongside me.


On the journey of mentoring...

As my children grew, I saw young mothers wading through the same difficult years I had so recently experienced. I knew in my heart that God was leading me to be a mentor. Today, my children are grown and I have been mentoring for over 20 years. I’m convinced that mentoring can make all the difference in the world. What I've come to realize more and more is that life comes down to relationships.

That's what MORE Mentoring is all about – developing a relationship with God and a relationship with others.


It's been a life-long adventure of preparation, waiting, stepping out in faith and watching God do amazing things. I am a simple, ordinary woman who loves, serves and believes in an extraordinary God. He called me to start this ministry which is really His ministry and I'm thrilled to be able to invite you along for the journey ... together.

Our Mission

Mobilizing mentors to impact lives through prayer-focused mentoring


From Sarah's heart...

My mentor always pointed me to God’s Word. I never left my time with her without us praying together – she truly taught me how to PRAY!

From Mary's heart...

I was going through one of the hardest times in my life my mentor continually encouraged me to trust in God. I truly feel loved by her.

From Jeannine's heart...

Through mentoring, I have a healthier perspective on life, relationships and mothering. My family is benefitting greatly from these powerful changes.

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Meet Nancy Lindgren

Nancy Lindgren is the Founder and CEO of MORE Mentoring and is a self-described “simple, ordinary woman who loves, serves and believes in an extraordinary God.”

She is passionate about mentoring – walking alongside others and pointing them to Jesus, something she’s done faithfully for over 20 years. Nancy has been featured on MOPS and Channel Mom. She and her husband, Mark, have midwestern roots, but now call Fairplay, Colorado home. They have four grown children and a well-worn welcome mat at their front door.

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