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"Nancy's encouraging words are transparent and relatable. I had a sense of 'I can do this' in the simplicity of the three words: Come. Be. Move."

Debi Lydic


"I just want real."


When I met with my mentee for the first time and asked what her expectations were for our relationship, she emphatically responded, “I just want real.”

Her words gripped my heart.

It was as though she was speaking on behalf of her generation and their craving for authentic, vulnerable, and transparent relationships. They are lonely and longing for someone who’s a little further down the path to slow up and walk with them, sharing hope, truth, and wisdom. They desire a mentor who allows them to be real and helps them experience the power of authentic connection.

 In this book, we will talk openly about:

  • The real concerns and fears of feeling unqualified and unworthy to be in a mentoring relationship.
  • The simple yet powerful four pillars of mentoring—love, listen, encourage, pray.
  • Inspiring stories from mentees and mentors that provide hope and encouragement.
  • Taking action in pursuing a mentoring relationship or participating in a mentoring movement right where you are.



About the Author

Nancy Lindgren is a national speaker, author, and the Founder and CEO of MORE Mentoring, whose mission is to inspire women to love and encourage others through prayer-focused mentoring. Nancy has authored/co-authored a series of seven books called Together — A Mentoring Guide for Mentors & Mentees.

She has also created a process for churches wanting to start a mentoring ministry and a course for training mentors.

Nancy has over 35 years of experience in mentoring and loves coaching and consulting with those who desire to grow in their mentoring relationships. Nancy and her husband, Mark, are empty-nesters who have made their home in the Colorado mountains where life is a little sweeter.


"I found myself wanting to find a mentor and a mentee for myself and apply all she shared."

- Angela Temples

"Nancy takes the complications and fear out of mentoring by focusing on the powerful simplicity of prayer."

- Carol Madison
"This is a book I can’t wait to get into the hands of our mentoring teams at our church."
- Debi Lydic


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