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The 12-Session Mentoring Guide is an easy-to-use, effective tool. It is a must-have resource for mentors as they initiate and engage in mentoring. Each session is deeply impactful — from the conversation starters to the guided sharing and prayer. This book equipped me to confidently mentor and encourage my mentee in a one-on-one setting.
— Dana, Mentor, Colorado
Bottom line for me? This skill is so important and often neglected – using Scripture to form the basis of shared and spoken prayer, including confession, between two or more believers. I love that this is a tool that can be used to train more women in the art of praying Scripture as well as mentoring. It is much needed (and desired!) from what I see and hear from Christian women in my sphere (mostly mothers with children still at home)!
— Lara, Mentee, Colorado

Our passion is to come alongside churches and share with them how to start or enhance their mentoring ministries.

We offer consulting for ministry leaders and their teams,  coaching for mentors

and a mentoring guide for mentors and mentees.


Nancy was instrumental in starting a women’s mentoring ministry at Plymouth Covenant Church and we are now into our third year! Women at PCC are connecting alongside other women, loving and encouraging them in their day-to-day challenges while learning and growing in their faith. Nancy has been a great resource offering practical helps getting started, training along the way and faithfully sharing God’s love with women. By her example, she has taught us to be FAT - Faithful, Available and Teachable and reminds us that God gets all the glory! We believe that mentoring is the heart of women’s ministry that brings unity and connects women together for the glory of God!
— Sandy Hatz, Plymouth Covenant Church Mentoring Team, Plymouth, MN
Working with Nancy has been such a joy. She has truly given our Mentoring Team the confidence and equipping we needed to get our church’s Mentoring Ministry off the ground. From materials for use in mentoring sessions, application forms and ongoing training calls throughout the year, she helped make our pilot year a great success. Her encouragement, years of seasoned mentoring experience, and godly, wise counsel was just what we needed to put our team’s vision of encouraging younger women in life and faith into place. Nancy’s passion for mentoring is contagious and we highly recommend her services!!
— Val Bantz, Valley Church Mentoring Team, West Des Moines, IA