10 Be-Attitudes of a Mentor

by Nancy Lindgren

Just Be for Mentors png.pngDeveloping those “Be-Attitudes” can be really difficult when what comes naturally are the “Do-Attitudes.”

As a mentor, we don’t need another to-do list. Been there. Done that. We also don’t need to have all the answers and live a perfect life. We need to . . .

Just Be . . .

Be prayerful. Ask God whom He wants you to invest in. Pray for her. Pray with her. Model for her how to go to God with every concern that is on her heart. Together your faith will grow as you begin to see Him answer your prayers.

Be available. The gift of your time can be the greatest gift given.

Be flexible. Consistency and structure do not always happen in a mom’s life. That is the reality of the season she is in. Work around her schedule.

Be interested. Get to know her kids and husband. Ask good questions. Care about what she cares about. Become friends on social media.

Be yourself. God has uniquely gifted you. The way you mentor someone may look totally different than the way another person does it. Allow God to use you in the way no one else could.

Be real. Authenticity is what women are looking for. They want to hear how you have messed up. What would you do differently? What have you learned from your mistakes?

Be an encourager. A phone call, email or text message saying “I’m thinking of you or praying for you” can mean so much. She needs hope. She needs to be reminded of the good that can come from hard situations.

Be quiet. Spend more time listening than talking. Moms have a need to be heard. They need someone in their life whom they can trust with their biggest secrets. Give them an opportunity to voice what is on their hearts knowing it won’t go anywhere else.

Be trustworthy. Confidentiality is so important to developing trust. Let her know that anything she shares with you will stay with you.

Be present. Set your phone aside when you are meeting together. Look her in the eyes. Show her you really care by being all there. Love her and accept her for who she is. Walk alongside her in her journey of being a mom.

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