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Why Moms Like Me Need Mentors

Jan 22, 2019

By Shannon Clark

As a mom of three "littles," drained is a word I often find myself using to describe my state of being – physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually drained. Renewal is a word I long for and wish I had more often. In reality, it’s not even just a desire, it’s a need. In order to be a better mom, I need to be renewed. I need alone time. I need quiet time. I need Jesus to wash over me. I need someone to come in and say, “Honey, you need a break. Let me care for your little ones while you do what you need to do.” Oh how sweet those words are to the soul!

Having no family nearby and a husband who is often gone has been incredibly isolating. I have found myself stuck in many...

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Don't Hog Your Story, Blog Your Story

Apr 03, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

When I heard these words come out of my friend Carolyn’s mouth, I knew they were for me. The time had come to dive into the blogging world.

Why was my heart so hesitant and apprehensive?

I guess it’s because I don’t love to talk about me and my opinions. I would much rather sit across the table from you and hear your story. I love to listen and learn.

Then it hit me. The blogging world is a place where I can get to know YOU by giving you the opportunity to share your story, as well.

God doesn’t want me to be quiet about the story He’s written for my life and the same goes for you. He wants our stories shared so He can get the glory. It’s about Kingdom impact.

My story...

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