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Walk and Point and Pray

Apr 03, 2019

By Joy Ostrom

Recently, I have been pondering the words "walk and point and pray" as they apply to mentoring and my own personal walk with the Lord.

As I walk with Him, He points to places in me that I need to release to Him. The question is: Am I willing to hear, willing to look, willing to agree with Him? As He points things out, do I trust Him?

Walking closely with Him, I know He will equip...

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To. Get. Her.

Mar 20, 2019

by Shannon Clark

The word together takes me back to the second grade when it was one of my spelling words. My best friend and I would seek out ways to help us remember some of the harder or longer words. In this case, we had the trick of breaking it down to a simple phrase, “to get her.” Oddly enough, twenty-seven years later, this little phrase carries such a weight of significance...

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4 Essentials for Effective Mentoring

Feb 27, 2019

by Fran Goodrich

Mentoring is something I’ve grown into accidentally rather than intentionality. A few relationships turned into walking alongside others who weren’t quite as far down the road.

Over time I realized that in these relationships, what my mentee wanted was someone who would listen and encourage, someone who would care for her through the ups and downs, someone who would...

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A Peek Inside Our Mentoring Relationship

Mar 14, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

I want you all to meet my dear friend and mentee, Taryn. We first met at her church last summer when I offered to help her women’s ministry team launch a mentoring ministry. My heart was quickly drawn to Taryn. She is a sweet 24-year old, single mom to a 6-year old daughter. I immediately saw such great potential in her. Later I found out that she was leading a...

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A Life Well Lived

Feb 22, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

 (Photo Credit: (Photo Credit:


Billy Graham saw Jesus face-to-face yesterday. What a celebration it must have been!

I’ve been reading and watching so many people share about the impact his life has made on them.

Several things stand out to me . . .

He loved well. He loved God and he loved people. He loved the important, well-known people. He also...

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The Invitation, Initiation and Expectation

Feb 01, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren


As I shared in my last blog post, my word for 2018 is COME. It’s amazing how God has revealed more of Himself through this one word. He speaks of it all throughout the Bible.

It’s an invitation on our part to “come” when Jesus calls us but we also invite Him to “come” and breathe His life into every area of our lives.

It takes...

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Jan 09, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

As I sat down and had intentional time with Jesus the last few days of 2017, I asked Him what my word for 2018 should be. I had some ideas that I was thinking about, but it’s amazing to watch Him specifically answer when I specifically ask.

He showed me a word that wasn’t on my list yet and all of the sudden it jumped off the pages afresh as I was reading through...

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Sep 18, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

I wanted to give you a glimpse into the first pages of our brand new mentoring guide called TOGETHER that is soon to be available for purchase. Much prayer has gone into this tool and I'm believing God will use it mightily in the lives of mentors and mentees to draw us closer to Him and to each other.



Life is hard. It’s...

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The Ministry Of Prayer

May 01, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

This coming Thursday, on May 4, we celebrate the National Day of Prayer. I love that we can have a day set aside to not only focus on prayer but to actually PRAY.

Prayer is the foundation of MORE Mentoring. It makes all the difference in a mentoring relationship when two people can agree and believe together in prayer. Encouragement flows out of praying together...

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Don't Hog Your Story, Blog Your Story

Apr 03, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

When I heard these words come out of my friend Carolyn’s mouth, I knew they were for me. The time had come to dive into the blogging world.

Why was my heart so hesitant and apprehensive?

I guess it’s because I don’t love to talk about me and my opinions. I would much rather sit across the table from you and hear your story. I love to listen and learn.


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