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The Art of Being Loved Well

Feb 20, 2019

by Kristen Hallinan

As I sat there bawling my eyes out, Shelly, my mentor of seven years squeezed my hands and nodded with compassion. I had spent the past year working after years of staying at home and the balancing act wasn’t going well. I was blaming every little nuance on my absence and desperately needed her wisdom to bring me back to truth. Her words to me that day were comforting and perspective shifting.

Perspective shifting is how I would define the relationship Shelly and I have had. While always filled with wisdom, her words do not always beckon comfort. Sometimes they make me shift in my seat and my heart beat a little faster as I am confronted with my sin or lack of clarity. It often takes me a week or two to digest...

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Mentor By Telling A Story

Feb 13, 2019

Today's blog post is by guest blogger, Kathy Schwanke, a speaker, author, teacher, and mentor who desires to encourage women to live in the LIGHT of God's love & truth. 

by Kathy Schwanke

Is anything more powerful than a woman’s willingness to be available to God’s people?

My mid-thirties were some of the darkest days of my life. I was floundering in a pit of anxiety and depression. People who loved me did not understand any more than I did what was wrong with me. With little help or hope outside of my faith, I sought freedom through attending a Christian women’s conference.

As I gathered stories from the workshop presenters and the keynote speakers, I was strengthened not only in my...

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A Peek Inside Our Mentoring Relationship

Mar 14, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

I want you all to meet my dear friend and mentee, Taryn. We first met at her church last summer when I offered to help her women’s ministry team launch a mentoring ministry. My heart was quickly drawn to Taryn. She is a sweet 24-year old, single mom to a 6-year old daughter. I immediately saw such great potential in her. Later I found out that she was leading a Young MOPS group at her church and truly was mentoring many of these moms.

I was thrilled that Taryn was able to attend our first Come Away Retreat and bring several of those moms with her. We had some one-on-one time together where I loved getting to know her even better and that’s when she asked me if I would mentor her. Here’s...

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Answering a Heart-Pounding Call

Feb 08, 2018

It's such an honor to have Carol Madison as our guest blogger this week. I love her heart for mentoring in prayer - it really aligns with what we're all about here at MORE Mentoring. As you will read below, God used the movie War Room to stir my heart, as well, and ask Him to raise up mentors with a passion to pray. Carol is a big answer to that prayer!

Carol Madison photo1 11-14.jpg

By Carol Madison

It was one of those moments when I knew the Lord was speaking to me. I felt a flush of emotion and a little bit of heart-pounding. I could not concentrate on the dialog going on around me. Something was stirring in me.

I had just previewed the movie War Room with members of America’s National Prayer Committee. It is a...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

Typically, for our monthly newsletter, I share ministry updates, prayer requests and ideas for how we can partner together, but for this month I would love to just express my thanks to YOU and to GOD.

Verse for blog post 11.20.17 #3.jpg

As we approach this week of Thanksgiving, I’ve been pondering several verses in 1 Thessalonians 5. The first one is verse 18 – “give thanks in all circumstances.” We are to give thanks moment-by-moment, day-by-day, being thankful for the hard circumstances as well as the good. That means we are to live a life of thanksgiving. Why? Does God need it? I think even more so, He knows we need it.

It changes us.

It gives us a new perspective.

It brings peace.

It removes worry.

It refreshes...

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Sep 18, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

I wanted to give you a glimpse into the first pages of our brand new mentoring guide called TOGETHER that is soon to be available for purchase. Much prayer has gone into this tool and I'm believing God will use it mightily in the lives of mentors and mentees to draw us closer to Him and to each other.



Life is hard. It’s messy. I have issues. You have issues. We need each other. We’re made that way – our hearts are designed to connect with others. In life, our journey will have unexpected twists and turns, sometimes that leave us on shaky ground. We can feel stuck, in a rut, and unable to move. And the enemy of our souls wants us there. He especially...

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Information vs Intimacy

Sep 04, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

I’m feeling the overload of information this morning. It makes me want to shout TMI!

There is information coming at us from all angles. . .blog posts, advertisements, social media, podcasts, books, etc. You name it. It’s instant and it’s constant. Most of it is easily accessible right from my phone. Can anyone relate? I can’t even count how many times I had to confess this morning of my addiction to my phone. It’s such a distraction and an overload of information.


I had this thought today: Are we missing out on intimacy with God because of all the information we are receiving from everyone else?

What is intimacy? A friend recently described it like this...

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The Ministry Of Prayer

May 01, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

This coming Thursday, on May 4, we celebrate the National Day of Prayer. I love that we can have a day set aside to not only focus on prayer but to actually PRAY.

Prayer is the foundation of MORE Mentoring. It makes all the difference in a mentoring relationship when two people can agree and believe together in prayer. Encouragement flows out of praying together because God is included and He is the best Encourager there is. He brings Hope, Joy and Peace.

Throughout the Bible, there are 4 principles of prayer that seem to stand out above the rest: Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Asking. Through prayer, we can have a relationship with God. If we want to grow in our relationship with God, we need to...

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Investing In A Life

Apr 10, 2017
by Nancy Lindgren


The divine connection with Sarah happened on a hot, August day at our neighborhood block party. I was immediately drawn to her and found out that she was new to the area with two young kids. We had a few phone conversations after that initial introduction and one day I received a beautiful note in the mail from her asking me to be her mentor. To be honest, that word scared me! No one had ever asked me that before. I envisioned myself having to be very wise, with all the right answers, advice and godly counsel. That seemed like a lot of pressure!

Despite my hesitation, we started meeting and praying together. Oh, how our friendship blossomed! We began to see God answer our prayers in...

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