Come Away

Arise, come away my darling; my beautiful one, come away with me!  Song of Songs 2:13b

  The Good Shepherd’s Lodge, Fairplay CO

The Good Shepherd’s Lodge, Fairplay CO


by Nancy Lindgren

 For 18 years, I believed God was preparing a place for us in Colorado. I didn’t know exactly where or how we would get there. I just knew I had heard His voice and His promise was that He would bring us out here in His timing.

My husband and I prayed for a ministry house where others could come to meet with God and receive rest, refreshment, restoration, refueling and recharging.

Well, God has answered our prayers immeasurably more than what we could have imagined! He led us to a mountain home in Fairplay, CO. The first time we entered the home, the sign over the door caught our attention . . .”The Good Shepherd’s Lodge.” When we met the couple selling the lodge and found out they had been praying that the house would be used for ministry, the deal was sealed in our hearts.

My vision for this home is that this could be a place where moms, mentors or ministry leaders could “Come Away” and get a break or have a Retreat. They could have alone-time, girlfriend-time or receive mentoring, coaching or consulting.

The unique feature of this home is that it has four master suites, each having a separate master bathroom, large walk-in-closet and deck or patio. You will definitely have your own space of peace and quiet if that is what you are looking for!

Get more details on our Come Away Retreats and watch our Dedication Service here

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We look forward to having YOU come away to the Good Shepherd’s Lodge!!

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