Investing In A Life

by Nancy Lindgren


The divine connection with Sarah happened on a hot, August day at our neighborhood block party. I was immediately drawn to her and found out that she was new to the area with two young kids. We had a few phone conversations after that initial introduction and one day I received a beautiful note in the mail from her asking me to be her mentor. To be honest, that word scared me! No one had ever asked me that before. I envisioned myself having to be very wise, with all the right answers, advice and godly counsel. That seemed like a lot of pressure!

Despite my hesitation, we started meeting and praying together. Oh, how our friendship blossomed! We began to see God answer our prayers in mighty ways. Our faith grew. Sarah’s daughter was starting Kindergarten in the fall and I shared with her about my start in Moms In Prayer when my daughter was that age. I told her how thankful I was to have a group of moms praying with me about my concerns and fears. We prayed about Sarah finding a Moms In Prayer group. God faithfully led her to one and the very next year, Sarah was leading the group.

According to Google, invest means to “devote one’s time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.” Investing in Sarah’s life was not difficult. It meant being available, having a listening ear, sharing encouragement, and praying with her. The worthwhile result is that Sarah is now investing in others. She leads her Moms In Prayer group, teaches neighborhood children how to pray and leads other women in learning about the Bible. Thirty-three lives are being directly impacted by Sarah’s one life – the return on the investment is well worth it!

Recently, God has brought more women, just like Sarah, into my life. It is so satisfying and fulfilling to invest in these young moms. What if each of us was intentional about investing in one life? Just imagine what God could do and how that investment could have great and lasting results! I want to be an investor in changed lives. How about you?

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