Thankful for Mentoring

By Valerie Bantz

Who’s ready for turkey and pumpkin pie?! Ready or not, Thanksgiving 2019 is upon us! 

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, I write a Top Ten list of things I’m thankful for. This year as I ponder my list, mentoring keeps coming to mind. 

I’m increasingly thankful for the role of mentoring in my life. My mentor and my mentees have supported me, prayed with me, and cheered me on in such practical and meaningful ways this year. God knew in advance how much I would need these precious women in my life.

Why am I thankful for mentoring? Here are 6 reasons why. (The fact that they spell out M.E.N.T.O.R. is an added bonus. :))

M is for Meaning. Being a mentor and investing in a younger woman is so rewarding and has given me meaning and purpose in this new season of my life.

E is for Encouragement. As I seek to bring encouragement to those I mentor, I’m amazed at how my mentees encourage me just as much or more!

N is for New things. God is doing new things in both my life and my mentee’s life as we pray together and ask Him for help and direction. He is always up to something NEW in our lives.

T is for Transformation. I have a front row seat in watching God work in the lives of my mentor and mentees. God is growing me in my faith as I watch Him bring about powerful change.

O is for Oneness. I’ve seen God use mentoring as an avenue to draw women together in oneness and unity. We grow in empathy, compassion and humility as we seek God together and learn from each other.

R is for Relationships. Before I became a mentor, most of my friends were my age. Now I’ve made so many new friends, both young and old. These inter-generational friendships have enriched my life in countless ways!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful mentors and mentees. I’m thankful we get to partner in this together. Through mentoring, God has indeed given us MORE than we could ask or imagine. God has many more surprises for us as we continue to follow Him in this important work He’s called us to do!


Valerie Bantz serves on Team MORE and is a newby empty nester from Waukee, Iowa with passions in mentoring and generosity. She also loves coffee, walking and game nights!

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