What is a Mentee Looking for in a Mentor?

by Nancy Lindgren

Oftentimes the word “mentor” can be intimidating and the expectations seem way beyond who we think we are or what we can offer. The ministry of MORE Mentoring defines a mentor this way:

One who has a little more experience, who comes alongside another and points them to Jesus.

Now that doesn’t seem so hard!

I’ve found that a mentee is really looking for these 5 qualities in a mentor:

Time – The biggest need a mentee has is for her mentor to be available.

Trust – She needs to know she can share the hard things with you and that confidentiality is a priority.

Truth – Your mentee wants to know the truth from God’s Word. She also wants you to be honest with her and speak truth over her life.

Tenderness – She desperately needs your empathy, love and acceptance.

Togetherness – She wants to be with you. Consider doing fun things together beyond the mentoring sessions. Invite her to go shopping, to a movie or do a service project together.

What other words would you use to describe what a mentee might be looking for in a mentor (they don't even have to start with the letter "T")?

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