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The Art of Being Loved Well

Feb 20, 2019

by Kristen Hallinan

As I sat there bawling my eyes out, Shelly, my mentor of seven years squeezed my hands and nodded with compassion. I had spent the past year working after years of staying at home and the balancing act wasn’t going well. I was blaming every little nuance on my absence and desperately needed her wisdom to bring me back to truth. Her words to me that day were comforting and perspective shifting.

Perspective shifting is how I would define the relationship Shelly and I have had. While always filled with wisdom, her words do not always beckon comfort. Sometimes they make me shift in my seat and my heart beat a little faster as I am confronted with my sin or lack of clarity. It often takes me a week or two to digest...

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Mentor By Telling A Story

Feb 13, 2019

Today's blog post is by guest blogger, Kathy Schwanke, a speaker, author, teacher, and mentor who desires to encourage women to live in the LIGHT of God's love & truth. 

by Kathy Schwanke

Is anything more powerful than a woman’s willingness to be available to God’s people?

My mid-thirties were some of the darkest days of my life. I was floundering in a pit of anxiety and depression. People who loved me did not understand any more than I did what was wrong with me. With little help or hope outside of my faith, I sought freedom through attending a Christian women’s conference.

As I gathered stories from the workshop presenters and the keynote speakers, I was strengthened not only in my...

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Why Moms Like Me Need Mentors

Jan 22, 2019

By Shannon Clark

As a mom of three "littles," drained is a word I often find myself using to describe my state of being – physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually drained. Renewal is a word I long for and wish I had more often. In reality, it’s not even just a desire, it’s a need. In order to be a better mom, I need to be renewed. I need alone time. I need quiet time. I need Jesus to wash over me. I need someone to come in and say, “Honey, you need a break. Let me care for your little ones while you do what you need to do.” Oh how sweet those words are to the soul!

Having no family nearby and a husband who is often gone has been incredibly isolating. I have found myself stuck in many...

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Choosing Rest

Aug 20, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

You haven’t heard much from us this summer because as a ministry we tried to pull back and take time to rest. I can honestly say, “It has been so wonderful!”

For me personally, I took the month of July off from the “work” of ministry. It was a month of not taking naps everyday in the hammock (which isn’t a bad thing!) or heading to the mountains to be by myself (which sounds great) but it was about being intentional with people – enjoying the moments, showing up, being present, letting go of “to-do” lists.

The month looked different than I thought it would, but looking back, it was exactly what I needed and what refreshed me the most.

- It was a week spent...

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A Peek Inside Our Mentoring Relationship

Mar 14, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

I want you all to meet my dear friend and mentee, Taryn. We first met at her church last summer when I offered to help her women’s ministry team launch a mentoring ministry. My heart was quickly drawn to Taryn. She is a sweet 24-year old, single mom to a 6-year old daughter. I immediately saw such great potential in her. Later I found out that she was leading a Young MOPS group at her church and truly was mentoring many of these moms.

I was thrilled that Taryn was able to attend our first Come Away Retreat and bring several of those moms with her. We had some one-on-one time together where I loved getting to know her even better and that’s when she asked me if I would mentor her. Here’s...

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A Life Well Lived

Feb 22, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

 (Photo Credit: (Photo Credit:


Billy Graham saw Jesus face-to-face yesterday. What a celebration it must have been!

I’ve been reading and watching so many people share about the impact his life has made on them.

Several things stand out to me . . .

He loved well. He loved God and he loved people. He loved the important, well-known people. He also loved the ordinary people. Their status didn’t really matter. Their skin color didn’t matter. Their political party didn’t matter.

He lived well. Humility. Integrity. Purity. Simplicity.

He laughed well. He had a great sense of humor. He took God seriously but he didn’t take himself too seriously. He had a twinkle in his...

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Answering a Heart-Pounding Call

Feb 08, 2018

It's such an honor to have Carol Madison as our guest blogger this week. I love her heart for mentoring in prayer - it really aligns with what we're all about here at MORE Mentoring. As you will read below, God used the movie War Room to stir my heart, as well, and ask Him to raise up mentors with a passion to pray. Carol is a big answer to that prayer!

Carol Madison photo1 11-14.jpg

By Carol Madison

It was one of those moments when I knew the Lord was speaking to me. I felt a flush of emotion and a little bit of heart-pounding. I could not concentrate on the dialog going on around me. Something was stirring in me.

I had just previewed the movie War Room with members of America’s National Prayer Committee. It is a...

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The Invitation, Initiation and Expectation

Feb 01, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren


As I shared in my last blog post, my word for 2018 is COME. It’s amazing how God has revealed more of Himself through this one word. He speaks of it all throughout the Bible.

It’s an invitation on our part to “come” when Jesus calls us but we also invite Him to “come” and breathe His life into every area of our lives.

It takes initiation on both parties.

And we need to know that there is an expectation from both parties – Belief and Action.

We are having a baby girl! (1).png

How does this relate to mentoring?

There’s always the question of who asks first. Do I say, “Will you be my mentor? or Would you be interested in being mentored?” There does need to be a coming...

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Jan 09, 2018

by Nancy Lindgren

As I sat down and had intentional time with Jesus the last few days of 2017, I asked Him what my word for 2018 should be. I had some ideas that I was thinking about, but it’s amazing to watch Him specifically answer when I specifically ask.

He showed me a word that wasn’t on my list yet and all of the sudden it jumped off the pages afresh as I was reading through Isaiah:  COME.

Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11_28.png

Maybe it’s because a few Christmas carols were still ringing in my ears . . . O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Joy to the World the Lord has Come . . . but all of the sudden this word came alive:

Suddenly, in an instant, the Lord Almighty will come . . . (Isaiah 29:6)

Your God...

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The Ripple-Effect Investment

Dec 15, 2017

by Nancy Lindgren

Last week I had one of those weeks where I was doing a lot but I began to think, “Does any of this make a difference?”

Do you ever feel that way? Your wheels are spinning, your to-do list is long, and you stop to gain perspective . . .”will this really matter for eternity?”


There was one day last week where I received two phone calls – both from mentees who told me about their courage to step out in faith and become a mentor. Someday their stories will be a blog post! The Lord encouraged my heart by whispering in my ear.

“This is the ripple effect your life is making, Nancy.”

“But I’m just one drop in an ocean of many drops.”

“Yes, but you...

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